What We Know

I know you’ve got 

a little hang up about being closed-lipped,

and I’ve got this thing

with spilling my guts like an idiot.

But do you see it,

the glint of fire that builds in my eyes?

I know you’ve got

this little thing with secrets,

because you twist them up so often

and so easily, 

you’ve managed to lose track sometimes.

I know I’m more hidden

than it seems, sometimes

I’m just too clumsy to 

be completely careful with my feelings.

I know we waste

a few more glorious ours

being hung up on laughter, it seems

sometimes I fall asleep

with a few pictures of you lingering

in my head.

Hang up, hang up, hang up …

(I sing to myself instead)


Ken Wong ~ “Snail Fight”


Ken Wong ~ “Snail Fight

One must be drenched in words, literally soaked in them, to have the right ones form themselves into the proper patterns at the right moment.
Hart Crane, poet (1899-1932)


I’m ready to feel optimistic,

in a sense.

I’m ready to feel the “all-in”

and “take me or leave me”

as if for the first time.

I’m no scientist but

some actions can’t be tested

against a theory; theoretical study

calling for distance.

When all I see begs me

for up-close and personal analyses—

submerged completely.

(via glittery-sky)


Would it be forward

to suggest 

there’s an old elsewhere still

frolicking, locked

in the basement ice-age

of the little platters of thought

that still stew?

Bubbled up and protracted,

effects of old eyes and

slides of nights we shared go

flashing by, 

invitation to reside in 

mumbled old, 

jumbled old messages & sentences

suggesting a place where

your “something’s” never change,

but they do.



mira nedyalkova

out of the blues


mira nedyalkova

out of the blues

(via lyssahumana)